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Alternatives For Sand As Fine Aggregate

Two sets of mixture with six samples of each for a total of 12 samples were prepared and tested. Findings of the study revealed that the concrete mixture using sawdust is comparable to the compressive strength of concrete mixture using sand as fine aggregate. Thus, the sawdust can be considered as an alternative for sand as fine aggregate.

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  • Offshore Sand As A Fine Aggregate For

    Offshore Sand As A Fine Aggregate For

    If an alternative source of sand supply can be introduced to 43 Western province, the immediate pressure could be released. There are number of 44 alternatives to river sand, such as offshore sand, shore sand dune sand, quarry dust and 45 washed soil. Properties of fine aggregate affect that of hardened concrete such as durability,

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  • Offshore Sand As A Fine Aggregate For Concrete Production

    Offshore Sand As A Fine Aggregate For Concrete Production

    The study revealed that offshore sand obtained from 2 to 7 km away from the western coast, Sri Lanka soon after dredging, could be used as an alternative to river sand. Keywords Offshore sand concrete fine aggregate chloride content.

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  • An Experimental Study On Strength Of

    An Experimental Study On Strength Of

    new alternatives. 2. OBJECTIVES To determine the possibilities of replacing the sea sand as fine aggregate in concrete. The replacement of P-SAND as aggregate in concrete production not only solves the problem of availability of fine aggregate for concrete production but also helps to reduce the exploitation of the river sand resources.

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  • Decomposed Granite Alternatives Hunker

    Decomposed Granite Alternatives Hunker

    Sand is one of the most commonly quarried construction aggregates and is one of the two natural aggregates. Sand is usually sorted by coarseness and color. Like decomposed granite, sand can be used not only as an aggregate, but for laying paths. Its also used on artificial beaches and in

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  • Experimental Study On Concrete Using Sea

    Experimental Study On Concrete Using Sea

    Keywords Concrete, Sea sand and Fine aggregate. 1. INTRODUCTION . Sand is a unique raw material for the construction industry at present, but contractors say that they have to spend more allocations for obtaining bulk loads of sand for their construction work. Quarry dust is one of alternative raw material for the construction industry,

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  • Saw Dust As An Alternative To Fine Aggregate In Concrete

    Saw Dust As An Alternative To Fine Aggregate In Concrete

    local alternatives to the use of river sand as fine aggregate 2.3 Concrete with quarry dust as fine aggregate In a study in Thailand by Khamput 29 on the. Investigations on sawdust and palm kernel shells as aggregate replacement for fine aggregates in concrete and discovered

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  • How To Process Sandgravel Aggregate Hxjq

    How To Process Sandgravel Aggregate Hxjq

    Apr 18, 2020 Aggregate with particle size less than 4.75 mm is called fine aggregate, commonly known as sand. Sand is divided into natural sand and artificial sand. Natural sand, a type of rock particles whose particle size is less than 4.75 mm, is formed by natural weathering, water transport, sorting and accumulation, but excluding soft rock and weathered ...

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  • Converting Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Into Fine

    Converting Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Into Fine

    alternative fine aggregates. One promising alternative has been granulated slags generated in steel plants, but were limited to partial replacements due to property variations. Most of this slag is presently dumped. Granulated blast furnace slag GBS is physically similar to sand but has low density and has

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  • Use Of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag As Fine

    Use Of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag As Fine

    In India, natural river sand fine aggregate is traditionally used in mortars and concrete. However, growing environmental restrictions to the exploitation of sand from riverbeds have resulted in a search for alternative sand, particularly near the larger metropolitan

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  • Mining Sand And Sea Sand As A Fine Aggregate

    Mining Sand And Sea Sand As A Fine Aggregate

    Seminar on alternatives to river sand - Thakshana e-Library Home. Environmental and social aspects of river sand and dune sand mining ..... sand saturated with sea water has a CI content of around 0.3, whereas if the seawater is ... The fine aggregate used for this was river sand

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  • Effect Of Fine Aggregate Replacement With Desert Dune Sand

    Effect Of Fine Aggregate Replacement With Desert Dune Sand

    Mortar mixtures were prepared with crushed sand CS or river sand RS in which the fine aggregates were replaced partially by different percentages of DS of 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100. The effect of DS on the fresh mortars properties was studied using the mini-slump flow, V-funnel flow time and viscosity measurements tests.

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  • Sand Equivalent Value Soil Amp Fine Aggregates

    Sand Equivalent Value Soil Amp Fine Aggregates

    Oct 17, 2015 Sand Equivalent Value Test Purpose To determine the percent of undesirable particles in the fine aggregate fraction used in the design of Portland cement concrete mixtures. The method is also applicable for determining the relative proportions of detrimental fine dust or claylike material in soils. Equipment and Materials The Sand Equivalent test kit consists of

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  • Construction And Demolision Waste As A

    Construction And Demolision Waste As A

    The ratio of sand replaced to recycled fine aggregate are 1000 as control, 8020, 5050, 2080 and 0100. The project explains about the properties of materials used in concrete, mechanical and transport properties of the concrete.. Index TermsConstruction waste, Demolition waste, Fine Aggregate, Recycled Fine Aggregate.

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  • How To Calculate Cement Sand And Aggregate Quantity In

    How To Calculate Cement Sand And Aggregate Quantity In

    Dry aggregate contains 33 to 34 air voids, whereas sand contains 20 air voids and cement contains very fine particles hence it contains negligible are voids so we can ignore it. Now add the air voids of sand and aggregate that are 20 34 54 so this is the reason we have to add 54 for wet to dry volume of materials.

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  • Pit Sand River Sand Msand Manufactured Sand Amp

    Pit Sand River Sand Msand Manufactured Sand Amp

    Nov 21, 2017 The sand which is passing through the 3.175 mm sieve is called coarse sand. This size of sand is mostly used for masonry works. Pit sand is mostly coarse in nature. Fine Sand-Sand passing through the 1.5875 mm sieve is called fine sand. Fine sand is mostly used in plastering works for better finish. Classification based on grain size-

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  • How Fine Aggregates Afeects Concrete Mix Design

    How Fine Aggregates Afeects Concrete Mix Design

    Fine aggregate is on of the major constituents of concrete which can influence concrete mix design substantially. Various factors such as fine aggregate fineness modulus, moisture content, specific gravity, and silt content affect the mix proportions of concrete. Fineness modulus specifies how much fine aggregate is required in a given mix design. Fine aggregate moisture

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  • Gradation Of Fine Aggregates

    Gradation Of Fine Aggregates

    Grading Requirements of Fine Aggregates ASTM C33 Bulking of Sand. The presence of free moisture content in fine aggregate particles results in bulking. Bulking results in an increase in the volume of a given mass of sand caused by the films of water pushing the sand particles apart.

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  • Study On Performance Of Manufactured

    Study On Performance Of Manufactured

    aggregate having specific gravity 2.70, bulk density 1510 Kgm and fineness modules 6.65 and Impact value of 12.50 were used. The physical properties of coarse aggregates are presented in Table .No 2 C. Fine Aggregates River sand Sand available in river Cauvery near Karur is used as fine aggregates for the current work, having the bulk

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  • Influence Of Natural Sand Fine Aggregate On

    Influence Of Natural Sand Fine Aggregate On

    in the influence of aggregate properties on the properties of concrete and in the search for simple tests to predict relative aggregate quality. The data reported here are part of the results of an investigation conducted in New York of natural sand concrete fine aggregate. This investigation was an attempt to contribute to an understanding of the

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  • Temperature Distribution In A Cement Concrete Slab

    Temperature Distribution In A Cement Concrete Slab

    obtained by uniform mixing of cement, coarse aggregate, Manufactured sand and sufficient and controlled amount of water, with or without super plasticizers. Due to the Scarcity of good quality natural sand has made concrete manu facturers to look for suitable alternatives of fine aggregates.

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  • 22 Concrete Alternatives For Driveways Fence Posts And

    22 Concrete Alternatives For Driveways Fence Posts And

    Gravel is one of the more common alternatives to concrete. There are a few different types you can find in the home improvement store that can replace concrete cement used for driveways and walkways. These include pea gravel, crushed stone, and quarry process. Pros of Gravel. Cheaper than other surface materials and low-cost to install.

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  • Suitability Of Soil Washed Sand As Fine Aggregates To

    Suitability Of Soil Washed Sand As Fine Aggregates To

    This paper presents a study on suitability of replacing river sand with soil washed sand as fine aggregate in concrete. The study was based on a comparison of concrete performance produced from river sand and soil washed sand obtained from four locations in Sri Lanka Homagama, Rathnapura, Anuradhapura and Bandarawela. Several standard tests including Sieve analysis, Slump test and

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  • Concrete Using Agrowaste As Fine Aggregate For

    Concrete Using Agrowaste As Fine Aggregate For

    Dec 01, 2016 Mageswari and Vidivelli 2009 reported, that as a substitution material for natural sand, sawdust ash might be the right choice as fine aggregate in concrete. It can considerably reduce the dumping problem and simultaneously helps the preservation of natural fine aggregate.

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  • Experimental Study On Concrete Using Sea Sand As Fine

    Experimental Study On Concrete Using Sea Sand As Fine

    Abstract Concrete is the most popular building material in the world. River sand has been the most popular choice for the fine aggregate component of concrete in the past, but overuse of the material has led to environmental concerns, the depleting of securable river sand deposits and a concomitant price increase in the material.

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  • 5 Common Field Tests On Aggregate To Check Its Quality

    5 Common Field Tests On Aggregate To Check Its Quality

    Jul 06, 2015 The permissible silt content in sand fine aggregate must not exceed the values as specified in the standards. However, this method can only be used for natural sand, it should not be used for crushed rock sand. The apparatus required for this test is only 250 ml glass measuring cylinder.

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  • Aggregates Us Concrete

    Aggregates Us Concrete

    Aggregates are inert granular materials such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone that, along with water and Portland cement, form the necessary ingredients in concrete. Fine aggregates generally consist of natural sand or crushed stone, with most particles passing through a 38-inch sieve.

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  • How Cement Sand And Aggregate Ratio Influence Concrete

    How Cement Sand And Aggregate Ratio Influence Concrete

    In total aggregate, the proportion of sand to coarse aggregate C.A is altered depending on fineness of sand A fine sand reduces the sand requirement in the total aggregate proportion. On the other hand, a coarse sand will require higher sand in the total aggregate proportion to

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  • Functions Of Fine And Coarse Aggregate In Concrete Civil

    Functions Of Fine And Coarse Aggregate In Concrete Civil

    3. It helps to prevent possible segregation of paste and coarse aggregate particularly during the transport operation of concrete for a long distance. 4. Fine aggregate reduces the shrinkage of binding material. 5. It prevents the development of a crack in the concrete. 6. It fills the voids existing in the coarse aggregate.

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  • Replacement Of Natural Sand With Efficient Alternatives

    Replacement Of Natural Sand With Efficient Alternatives

    Concrete is the most undisputable material being used in infrastructure development throughout the world. It is a globally accepted construction material in all types of Civil Engineering structures. Natural sand is a prime material used for the preparation of concrete and also plays an important role in Mix Design. Now a days river erosion and other environmental issues have led to the ...

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  • Study On Behaviour Of Concrete Partially Replacing Quartz

    Study On Behaviour Of Concrete Partially Replacing Quartz

    Sand becomes a scarce material, alternative for sand is needed all over, and also providing good strength than conventional concrete and some additional advantages, this experiment is done. This study gives a new alternative for fine aggregate. Resistant nature to weathering is

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  • Characteristic Studies On Concrete By Partial Replacement

    Characteristic Studies On Concrete By Partial Replacement

    River sand is becoming a scarce commodity and hence an exploration alternative to it has become imminent. Manufactured sand is the good alternative to river sand and it is purposely made, fine crushed aggregate produced under controlled conditions from a suitable sand source rock.

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